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Mayhem Festival -- Mansfield, MA -- July 16th, 2013

Me and my group of friends got to the venue roughly an hour before doors opened. We met up with our other friend who had to get a ride with his sister, and after waiting for a bit we got in. First thing we did was check out the merch tents. I was planning on buying a new mayhem tour shirt, but they werent good this year IMO, so i just bought a machine head shirt instead.

The first band was Thrown into Exile, i didnt watch them but all i heard while hunting for merch was them pleading for people to come to the stage. i feel bad for them given that they start like 10 minutes after doors open.

Huntress was the first band i watched. They werent bad, but they didnt do anything for me. I dont have a complete set, but i know they played fuck you to death,spell eater and zenith

We went to get water during Attika7, because none of us wanted to see them, and i personally cannot stand them, and we wanted to be close for battlecross.

Battlecross were suprising to me. I had only heard one song from them, and it wasnt bad, but not great. They put on a really good show, and during their second to last song, my friend who is 6'6 260 pounds got decked by some short stocky dude in the pit.
1.Breaking You
2. Man of Stone
4.Force Fed Lies
5.Flesh & Bone
6.Push Pull Destroy

The next 5 bands, Born of osiris, JFAC, butcher babies, motionless in white,and emmure i had zero intrest in seeing, but in order to secure rail for Machine Head, i had to watch JFAC. They werent bad, but they did nothing for me. Im not a huge death metal fan, i prefer more melodic stuff, and i have a deep hatred for crowd surfers, so when the singer called for them, everyone around me on the rail groaned.
1.Entombment of a Machine
2.Imperium Wolves
3.Knee Deep
4.Tarnished Gluttony
5.Constitutional Masturbation

Then finially, at long last the one band i really wanted to see came on the stage. I had seen machine head once before(Mayhem 2011), and they were great that time. i knew that they had been making slight changes to their set, and i was hoping that they kept Davidian as their opener, which they did. The crowd loved them. The singing along was great, and you could tell Rob was loving it, because after every song he would say how great the crowd was and how the sing along was the loudest of the entire tour. Whether or not he meant it idk, but i think he did and it made their set that much better
2.Struck a Nerve
4. Locust

Not a fan of CoB, so i dont have their set.
After MH, we ventured on over to the main stage, and given how few people were there, we decieded to take some seats a few rows back in the section right before reserved seats.

Amon Amarth put on a really good show, despite them being on the main stage,and the shitty attendance. I kinda feel bad for them, because they would be so much better on the side stage, but they still put on a good show.

Set: (from
Destroyer of the Universe
The Pursuit of Vikings
War of the Gods
Deceiver of the Gods
Death in Fire
Twilight of the Thunder God

Mastodon was the next band, and i know most people love em, but i cant get into them. during their entire set, Troy and Bran were the only members who looked like they actually wanted to be playing. Brent and Bill stood still the entire set, while troy was running around, jumping, headbanging, trying to have some energy. They dissapointed me to be honest. I dont have a set from them, but i know they played all the heavy lifting, aqua dementia, crystal skull, black tounge and maybe spectrelight.

During Mastodon we moved down into the reserved seats, because only like 50 of them sold, and we wanted to be close for Zombie, which meant having to sit through FFDP. I can tolerate these guys on record, but live, i cannot stand them. Ivan Moody cant sing or scream well, and i hate the band's whole tough guy theme. Two of my friends who went love them, and enjoyed them, but i couldnt wait for them to get off the stage.
Under and Over It
Burn It Down
Hard To See
Bad Company
White Knuckles
Drum Solo
Lift Me Up
Coming Down
Far from Home intro
The Bleeding

Then Mr. Rob Zombie started his set. I saw him back in 2010, and he was good then, but me and my friend were on the lawn, so i really didnt experience his stage show fully. being this close was awsome because it made his show that much better. Tons of pyro, giant things that walk out on stage, and more pyro. During John 5's guitar solo, zombie walked around the entire venue and shook peoples hands before making it back up to the stage to begin covering enter sandman and schools out.
1.Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
3. Meet the creeper
4. Living Dead girl
5. We're an American Band
6. More Human Than Human
Drum solo
7. Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga
8.Sick Bubblegum
9.House of 1000 Corpses
10. Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown
11. Thunder Kiss '65
Guitar solo, with parts of Enter Sandman and Schools out
12 Dragula

Overall, this was a pretty up and down show for me. Going with a group was awsome, and made the day that much better, but having only 1 or 2 bands to look foreward to was a bummer. Hopefully the lineup is better for next years tour.

Huntess- 7/10
Motionless in white(based only on hearing them)-5/10
Emmure(Same as MIW)-2/10
Machine Head- 9.5/10
Amon Amarth-7.5/10
Five Finger Death Punch- 3/10
Rob Zombie-7.5/10

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