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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post

Words from the Exit Wound
Released on October 26th, 1998
Label: Earache


1. The Infiltraitor
2. Repression out of Uniform
3. Next of Kin to Chaos
4. Trio-Degradeable/Affixed by Disconcern
5. Cleanse Impure
6. Devouring Depraved
7. Ulterior Exterior
8. None the Wiser?
9. Clutching at Barbs
10. Incendiary Incoming
11. Throw Down a Rope
12. Sceptic in Perspective
13. Hung (live bonus on US release, from Bootlegged in Japan)
14. Greed Killing (live bonus on US release, from Bootlegged in Japan)
15. Suffer the Children (live bonus on US release, from Bootlegged in Japan)

This is just not a good album. A lot of Napalm Deaths material in the 1990ís was hit or miss. There are some really good songs from that era but there are a lot too that just fly by and you donít even remember them when theyíre done. This album is an album almost completely made up of those songs that just fly by. The band just sounds totally uninspired. Like they just went into the studio and said, ďokay guys, letís just bang out fifteen songs and be done with itĒ. There are a few songs with riffs that just sound so terrible to me (Cleanse Impure, Incendiary Incoming). I donít know what it is but as soon as I hear the riffs from those songs I just feel sick to my stomach. One thing they did do on this album that Iíll give them credit for was doing a lot more with the vocals. Thereís the usual Barney growl and Mitch shrieks. But thereís some really good shrieking during the last minute of Cleanse Impure that makes that horrible riff at the beginning forgivable. It actually makes it the best song off the album. And then thereís actual SINGING during None the Wiser. Like CLEAN VOCALS. In the three hundred plus songs Iíve heard by Napalm Death thatís a first and only. One of the better songs is the live version of Greed Killing on the US versions. I listen to that and Iím like ďwow, they made a really good song into a totally different, brutal beastĒ. But itís too little to save this boring album. And I canít list that as the best song on the album since itís really just tacked on. Itís weird first listening to this album now because I know that they released a ton of great material after this. But I can only imagine being a fan in 1998 and hearing it and just shaking my head. I canít see why anyone who liked Napalm Death and bought this album when it was brand new would listen to this and want to continue listening to them after it was over. By far this is Napalm Deaths worst album. Iíd only recommend it if youíre a completionist like myself who wants to support the band and be able to say you own everything by them. Even the cover artwork is godawful.
Best Song: Cleanse Impure
I've never actually listened to this album but I always loved Infiltrator and Next Kin.
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