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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
No mention at all of the Warrior last night but the new commercial made me feel like a kid again.

Also, bonus match was Ryback vs Cena in a tables match with the obvious winner. It was fun and it's a beautiful arena. They taped 30 minutes of Superstars but I missed a lot of it because of train delays. But I do know the Brooklyn Brawler worked a match...Ryback destroyed him.
How did the Wyatts entrance come off live? It's got a creepy vibe on TV with Bray carrying the lantern and the other two lurking in the shadows behind him.

I'm really glad the WWE has given a wrestler a gimmick like they've done with Bray Wyatt. Over the last several years it's just been "here's a good guy, cheer him and here's the bad guy, boo him". Now we have a guy who's pulling off a very good character with a great upside. People are already cheering him. Gimmicks still work Vince, you should allow the creative team to create more characters, so guys can set themselves apart from each other.

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