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Originally Posted by Breaking The Law View Post
I don't believe they played it when I saw them for the Hysteria tour in 1988, so it would be cool if it was true. Had seats in the first section, to the left of the stage. Meadowbrook is a great place, and for me it's close, so I am loving all the bands they are getting this year.
2 hour drive for me (give or take, depending on traffic) and I happily deal with it because it's easily the best summer venue in New England and probably a top 5 in the country.

This has been their best year in a while. I went up twice in 2010 for Scorps & Weird Al & didn't go back until last month for Alice & Marilyn. I'd be going up for Kiss but it's the same night as Uncle Ted at the House of Blues. Might go up for Journey/Night Ranger or Godsmack if I get some extra dough anytime soon.
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