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Last night was the first time I've watched RAW all the way through (with a couple flip backs to my other show I was watching). I really enjoyed it.

The Uso's are getting there, people seem to start enjoying them more, so hopefully their push gets them somewhere.

CM Punk / Brock Lesnar will be great IMO. Both have such strong personalities (Lesnar's being more physical and brutal, Punk being more smart and cocky) and I really feel this could make for a strong feud. That was a big highlight of the show for me.

It's great to see RVD back. His match with Jericho was awesome, but I can tell that he does seem a bit tired and slow. Still though, the few spots he did were great... he may be WWE's saving grace (well... kinda).

And lastly, Daniel Bryan, hell yeah! He is so over with the crowd it isn't even funny. WWE better not mess this up and put the title on him.
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