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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Rumor is they want Orton to win the belt and become a big time heel for D-Bry to win it at WM30. That want Bry to win Royal Rumble and then win the belt a Mania for the ultimate underdog story line.
Not sure where you're getting that from. All the rumors I've read have had Bryan challenging Cena for the belt at Summerslam. Bryan is too hot right now for them to try and stretch that momentum all the way to mania. He will cool down too much by then. He needs to be in the championship match at Summerslam so they can cash in on the hot streak he's been having lately. Besides, Vince needs to have Cena beat anyone who gets more over than him. I thought that was common knowledge by now.
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