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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
I'm not a KISS fan on record, I love them live, and this is just not right. Black Diamond is a great song, and deserves its spot on the setlist, but RaRAN is just a stone cold classic and a perfect way to end the show. Everyone knows every word, that chorus can be elongated as much as needs be, and it is the perfect anthem for a KISS show to end on.
I'm sorry, but I don't care how much known RNRAN is, it's been used as the closer to much and I'm not a fan of stuff not being changed (especially the closing songs).RNRAN is just such an obvious choice to a close a show with, and by now it's so predictable (which I don't like).Black Diamond is a way better closer and always will be, it has such an unique atmosphere to it.Last time I saw Kiss I left before RNRAN was even over, I wouldn't ever do that for Black Diamond.I hate it when Kiss used it as a closer, just like I hate how the first time I saw Bon Jovi they closed with Livin' On A Prayer (thankfully the second time they didn't), how Van Halen closes with Jump (which works better as an opener to be honest), and how Poison closes with "Nothin' But A Good Time".Def Leppard is slightly redeemed because they rarely close with Pour Some Sugar On Me, but they used Rock Of Ages to much before they wisely switched to Photograph.Journey, Pat Benatar, and Motley Crue are all perfect examples of artists that have a great closing song.Journey closes with Lovin'; Touchin'; Squeezin' (where they could go for a more predictable choice with Don't Stop Believin'), Pat Benatar closes with Heartbreaker (instead of the again predictable choice Hit Me With Your Best Shot), and Motley Crue closes with Kickstart My Heart (were they could close with Home Sweet Home).All close with songs that are fairly popular, but definitely not their most popular, but all have a great quality that makes them great closing songs.I really don't like when a band closes with their most popular song just because it's their most popular song.
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