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Madball -- Orlando, FL -- July 13th, 2013

After sitting in the lovely Orlando traffic for an hour we finally arrived at the Backbooth for the sold out Madball show, and I was also suppose to be interviewing the band Expire before the show, so we met up with Zach from the band, did the interview (which went really well) and headed inside for the show.

Once we got inside we found that the first local band Ten-Fifty had already started there set, so I only ended up catching the last two songs, but from what I did see the crowd really liked them, they were very energetic and seemed to love every second of playing, I'll definitely have to give them another chance live.

Up next were Strengthen What Remains, I had previously never even heard of this band, but everyone was saying how these guys are the best local hardcore band, and now I can see why. SWR are perhaps the tightest hardcore band live to come out of the FL scene, and I'll definitely have to pick up their record when I get a chance.

And now it was time for the first of three touring bands, Code Orange Kids. I discovered this band around Christmastime and I instantly became a big fan of their "Love Is Love/Return To Dust" album, so I was really excited they were on this tour. Code Orange Kids are a very unique band, blending hardcore with sludge metal influences, and me being a big sludge metal fan I loved every second of their set. And from the first note till they finished their set, they never said a word to the crowd, blasting through a 20 minute set which only felt like 5 minutes, and they really seemed to love every minute they got to play. I feel like the Code Orange Kids are a band that you will never fully get until you see them live, they're unlike any other hardcore band I've ever heard of, and I look forward to them coming back through FL so I can see them live again, hopefully with a longer set.

Next wee the band most of the crowd were obviously there for, Expire. I first heard Expire about three months ago and I became a big fan of theirs almost instantly, these guys are definitely the next big thing in hardcore, their performance was absolutely insane, there were stage divers galore and a crazy pit going on the entire time, and what most surprised me was that most of the crowd sang along to every song they played, which doesn't happen often in hardcore. The band gave absolutely everything in their performance and the crowd gave everything back, it was easily one of the most intimate performances I've ever seen live, and I can't wait to see them again on Halloween.

After Expire finished I'd say at least half the crowd left, which is absolutely absurd, because as incredible as Expire were, what was to come would top it.

And now it was finally time for the hardcore legends Madball, as soon as they walked on stage they had the crowd chanting their name, and when they started into "Can't Stop Won't Stop" the crowd went absolute nuts. It was absolutely ridiculous how tight these guys are, and their musicianship is the best I've ever seen from a hardcore band live, and just like with Expire they had multiple stage divers and had everyone singing along to the classics. All in all this was by easily one of the 5 best concerts I've been too in the last year, and I can't wait till these bands come back.

Madball setlist

1)Can't Stop Won't Stop
2)For My Enemies
4)Get Out
5)The Beast
6)Smell The Bacon
7)Set It Off
8)Spit On Your Grave
9)All Or nothing
10)Infiltrate The System
11)Look My way
13)Down By Law
16)It's My Life
19)Hardcore Still Lives

Code Orange Kids

2)V My Body Is A Well
3)Nothing (The Rats)
4)Cycles (The Days Get Longer)
5)Liars // Trude
6)Flowermouth (The Leech)
7)Roots are Certain//Sky is Empty
If anyone saw this tour and can help with the Expire setlist?
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