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Originally Posted by Christen View Post
Psycho Circus
Shout It Out Loud
Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
I Love It Loud
Hell or Hallelujah
War Machine
Heaven's on Fire
Say Yeah
Shock Me / Outta This World
Guitar and Drum Solos
Bass Solo
God of Thunder
Lick It Up
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
I Was Made for Lovin' You
Rock and Roll All Nite

Really awesome show. Second time seeing KISS and having much better seats than the last time I saw them made the show that much better. They really upped their game on the pyro and special effects over the 2009 tour. It was also cool that they switched the order of Black Diamond and RaRAN as RaRAN is a much better closer in my opinion. All in all a very fun show and well worth the money.
Wow, they just had to change it, them closing "Black Diamond" is like 90% of the reason I wanted to see them (the other 10% because of Psycho Circus and Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll).I could care less if I never here Rock N Roll All Nite again honestly, they've just used it as a closer for like 95% of the tours since it came out, and I don't care what anybody says but that's too much, please stop closing with it and do the right thing and use Black Diamond, much better song and much better closer.
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