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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
That is one fine looking beard, christopher. I'm very jelly. I can literally grow a bear as good as yours in less than two weeks. For some reasons middle eastern people can just grow their beards out super wicked fast. Last time I grew my beared out was like two and half years ago. Ever seen that episode of family guy when Peter grows a beard and has birds living in it? Well, by the time i decided to shave it all of I pretty much looked like that...

Also, kudos for making three straight drives up to LA and back. Glad ya had a good time, pal
Thanks for the compliments man! I've been growing it sine the beginning of June and very happy on my progress. That sounds like an epic beard you had!

Also, I love The Vex cause it is significantly closer to me than all the other LA venues. Its right where the 710 North ends, so its a 25 mile drive versus its 45 miles if I want to go to The Whisky. I hope a lot more shows go there. Its my favorite non Pomona venue. I just hate the parking situation for the place. Its all street parking, so if you show up a little late, then you have to park about half a mile away.
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