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Wow! I'm surprised to see a 311 entry here. I just had my 32nd 311 show this past Saturday at Jones Beach. It was my 3rd show this summer.

Over those 3 shows, I got 41 unique songs. Only 10 of those were repeats in one or more shows.

They consistently vary their setlists and always play deep cuts. I can't wait until 3-11 Day in will be my 4th 3-11 Day.

They have their own database for setlists:

EDIT: Soundsystem and From Chaos are solid albums front to back. Yes, Universal Pulse is their best since From Chaos, IMO. Evolver, Don't Tread on Me, and Uplifter are also good, but have some duds on them. Still, I very rarely skip any of their songs when listening to a disc. Really, I always listen to 311 on random.
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