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Bummer you had to miss it man, it truly was an amazing experience. During the show I was keeping an eye out for you since I know you're a pretty big Revocation fan and the show was only $5.

Anyways, here is my review of the other night's festivities:

Saturday was a special night at Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts. Boston's very own death/thrash behemoths Revocation shot a music video for the first single "Invidious" off their new self-titled record and it made for one of the most fun shows I've ever had the pleasure of attending.

There were two local openers on this show in addition to Revocation, the first of which was Sexcrement. Sexcrement is one of the more respected bands in the Boston metal scene and after last night's show: I can 100% see why. These dudes are exactly the type of riff-heavy brutal death metal that I love. The music was consistently heavy with each song containing multiple headbang-worthy grooves and killer guttural vocals/pig squeals. Adding to the quality of the set was the fact that they two half-naked chicks dancing on-stage with them most of the time (On a hilarious note: some random dude got on-stage alongside the girls during the last song and started dancing behind the vocalist which caused him to laugh so hard he couldn't do vocals for 10-20 seconds.) I've never seen anything like that before and the pairing of barley-dressed chicks and slamming brutal death metal was pretty damn funny and entertaining. Sexcrement is one of the very few local acts from the Boston-area that has impressed me thoroughly and I would love to see them open a show again soon.

Acaro was the next local opener and they just destroyed the stage. This marked the fourth time I've seen Acaro and I can say that this was easily the best. They've always put on a damn good show, but this particular time they we're just on fire the whole time they played. The vocalist jumped into the crowd during the 1st song and that manic energy level was kept up throughout the set. Musically, they were a lot heavier than I remember them being and their unique sound blends melodic death metal, thrash and old-school metalcore flawlessly. They played a new track called "As One" that absolutely ripped and was dedicated to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing victims, which I thought was an awesome touch to a really positive and badass song. Acaro is a band that has a shitload of killer heavy riffs, melody and passion who is destined to breakout out of the local scene and hit the national touring level.

It was time for the men of the hour, Revocation, to hit the stage. Despite a slew of technical difficulties (broken mics, David's guitar went out, a ton of problems in sound check with the guitars and drums,) Revocation absolutely destroyed the tiny stage at Great Scott. Unlike Black Dahlia Murder's video shoot for "Goat of Departure" where they played the song for the video multiple times in a row, Revocation played a regular set and will be using the best footage gathered from the entire performance. The setlist was heavy on new material, which all sounded amazing. Previously released track "The Hive" kicked things into high gear immediately, "Spastic" was an instrumental powerhouse featuring one of David Davidson's crazier solos to-date and the track being used for the music video "Invidious" is an absolute ripper with a nice amount of melody, technicality and an absolutely sick closing groove riff that would make Dimebag Darrell proud. Of course crushing set staples like "No Funeral" and "Dismantle the Dictator" were also played as well the title track off last year's EP Teratogenesis. Making the set that much more special, was the crowd reaction. The crowd reception they got was raucous to say the least. Everyone in the room was super into their set and losing their minds with giant pits, crowd surfing and headbanging galore (Someone inadvertently kicked an amp stage-diving and unplugged David's guitar during "Invidious" causing them to restart the song.) Unfortunately I had to leave early in order to catch the last train out of Allston. It kind of sucked that I couldn't stay for all of it, but I do get the pleasure of seeing Revocation again at Summer Slaughter in a few weeks. It was awesome to be apart of such an awesome crowd and support one of my favorite bands at their music video shoot. Best $5 I've spent in a long time and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Sexcrement 8/10
Acaro 8.5/10
Revocation 9/10
11/28 ABR/ETID
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