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Black Flag -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 14th, 2013

This was my third night in a row going to The Vex. I met up with elturtleboy at 8pm and we went inside and got a picture with Greg Ginn.

Soon after, we got a picture with Bryan Migdol. He was the original drummer of Black Flag. He played drums on the Nervous Breakdown 7"

We were then determined to get a picture with Ron Reyes and were lucky to find him outside and get a quick picture with him.

I then proceeded to wait outside until Black Flag went on cause I didn't care about the opening bands. Black Flag went on sometime after 11 and played about an hour or so. It was really special to have them play The Vex. This venue used to be open in the early 80s and Black Flag played here back then, so the owner of the place was super happy to have them play there again. The first half of the set was awesome. I was loving all the classics. I was bummed that some of the old songs seemed to be slowed down. The last half of the set was too heavy in new songs and slow songs for me to really enjoy as much. I fucking hate that song Down in the Dirt. I was liike an 8 minute song with way too much jamming. I enjoyed it but I need to see FLAG now.

I've Had It
Nervous Breakdown
Fix Me
The Chase
Blood and Ashes
No Values
Now Is The Time
Six Pack
TV Party
It's Not My Time to Go Go
I'm Sick
Black Coffee
gimme gimme gimme
Police Story
Wallow In Despair
Down In The Dirt
Can't Decide
Rise Above
Jealous Again
Louie Louie
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