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I didn't think Money in the Bank was very good. I saw it in another theatre.

The first MitB match was really the only match worth while. Cody Rhodes looked like GOLD in that match It looks like he may be in line for something big. Damien Sandow winning was a surprise but anyone could've won that match and I'd have been happy, except Swagger. I can't believe how much the Shields stock has dropped in the last few months. Relegated to the warm-up match and the PPV started with Dean Ambrose and Fandango already in the ring. Talk about rushed. It was probably the most entertaining match of the night and Ambrose and Rhodes really stole this match.

Curtis Axel verses the Miz was boring, but I hate the Miz.

AJ verses Kaitlyn was okay. One thing about Kaitlyn; I don't know if it's bad botox or a case of someone who has no idea what to do in the ring but she's always smiling. Even when she's supposed to be in pain she's smiling. And it's not a character thing because no mention is made of it by the commentators.

Jericho verses Ryback was nothing special. It was nice that Ryback got a win and Jericho came out looking good still.

Ziggler verses Del Rio started out slow but was getting really good by the end. Then AJ came out and completely deflated the whole match. And the ending was shit. Del Rio is seeming like a lost cause to me. He couldn't get over as a face and as a heel no one cares either. Kudos to the WWE for sticking with him this long but it may be time to cut their losses.

Cena verses Henry was the a-typical Super-Cena match, just with a bigger opponent. When the commentators kept pushing the fact that Cena couldn't lift Henry I knew he was going to lift him, Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, bring on next months challenger. The theater crowd was ape-shit for Henry. But I think Cena could be wrestling a wet paper bag and the crowd would go ape-shit for the bag.

The last MitB match was decent enough. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were the stars of this match. Sheamus did have a lot of action in the match but he never really impresses me. RVD does look tired. I liked CM Punks little bow after his ladder spot with Sheamus. And the third time Heyman hit him with the ladder was pretty brutal. Orton winning was a shock, and a disappointment.

I'd give it a 1.5 out of 5
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