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It took a little while for me to warm up to SkullKrusher. I didn't like the fact that when it got fast it was the same tempo as I Hate, Elimination and Time To Kill. Three songs that were back to back the same tempo to begin with. As a drummer that always kind of bugged me when too many songs on the same album are like that, or at least in such close proximity. The title track is awesome. In terms of "ballads" its not as good as Soulitide, but it's still a great song on its own. Who Tends the Fire was always my least favorite because it apes the opening Hell Awaits riff.

Might as well break it down at this point:

The Years of Decay:
1. Elimination
2. I Hate
3. E.vil N.Ever D.ies
4. Skullkrusher
5. The Years of Decay
6. Time To Kill
7. Nothing To Die For
8. Birth of Tension
9. Who Tends The Fire
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