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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post

Would you say it's better than the previous two? Flying Tigers was just a beast of an album, and Over The Top was a stellar debut. Of course High Speed GTO was amazing to.
I liked Flying Tigers a bit until Jon Leon pointed out to me that there are basically no cool guitar solos on it, that kinda ruined the album for me. Over the Top is all around fantastic. The only thing is that it tries so hard to be old-school, whereas The Devils Cut sounds a lot more natural. Not to mention the guitar playing on The Devils Cut is awesome as fuck.

GTO is its own special entity to me. It sounds nothing like other White Wizzard albums, and it doesn't sound contrived at all even though Over the Top kind of does to me. Basically I think The Devils Cut is the best White Wizzard album so far, and trying to compare it to GTO is apples and oranges.
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