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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
There wasn't enough evidence to be 100% sure that it was 2nd degree murder or manslaughter, simple as that. I think manslaughter might have been the right call.

There's a bunch of people on my facebook feed who are acting completely ridiculous and obviously didn't even follow this trial closely. They think Zimmerman is a serial killer or something.
In the end..There was no need to take the life of a 17 year old kid

Yeah, yea, yeah, they went through a bazzilion hours of people taking stands, eyewitnesses, audio tapes, video tapes, people taking stands including neighbors of zimmerman who witnessed the fight, and people who saw what happen, but i still think it's bullshit what he did. It sucks that trayvon martin had to start that fight, but in the end zimmerman could have just MANNED IT UP and threw down his fisticuffs for a good ol' fashion ass wipping, or ran for help, hell call out neighbors to call the cops. There really wasn't any need for him to fucking kill a little 17 year old kid. But i guess it's OK since florida has that "stand your ground" shindig going on.

Good for him that he is not guilty, but goddamn he is officially a dead man walking. I can't imagine how the black community is going to react to this.
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