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Consume the Forsaken (2002)

Parallels of Infinite Torture (2005)

I’ve heard a lot of Br00tal Death Metal in the last few years and a lot of it ranges from shit to just okay. Disgorge, especially on these two albums, are probably the best band I’ve heard doing this kind of music since the year 2000. They’re over shadowed (of course) by pre-millennium stuff by Suffocation and Cryptopsy. But I consider them a “newer” band and I think they’re the best “newer” br00tal death metal band out there. I’m contradicting myself a lot here but I like that their albums are just a blur of riffs, blast-beats and death vocals. Something about this band is just better than any of the million other bands out there doing this.
Favorite Song (Consume the Forsaken): Divine Suffering
Favorite Song (Parallels of Infinite Torture): Descending Upon Convulsive Devourment
09/19 - Deafheaven
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10/18 - King Diamond
11/01 - Suffocation
11/30 - Devin Townsend
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