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Carcass Ė Necrotism: Descanting the Insalubrious (1992)

Carcass. What more can I write about Carcass that hasnít been written? Truth be told I like Carcass but I donít LOVE them like so many people. I really didnít like the first two albums and Heartwork has three or four songs that I really like. Same for Swansong. Itís all good stuff but itís just not stuff I love. Except this album. This album is mint from start to finish. There are so many great songs but then there are little fills here and there that just make you go ďwhoaĒ (like those little fills at around 5:15 of Inpropagation ). This is such a guitar album. There are just so many great riffs. If there's a downfall to this album it's that there is just so much going on that it can get exhausting to listen to. It was number two in Decibel Magazines recent "Top One Hundred Death Metal albums" special issue. There are a lot of other albums I personally like better but as a general concensious and in the grand scheme of things, and considering how influential this album was, it probably should have been number one.
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