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Cryptopsy Ė None So Vile (1996)

Technical Br00tal Death Metal is a tricky thing to do well. You can go too overboard and up being one of those noodle-core bands. Rings of Saturn can play a million notes but I have no idea what any of their songs are, when one starts, when one finishes, if Iím listening to a ten minute song or ten minute long songs. But if you have enough restraint (and talent) you can make a technical death metal album and have songs that people will remember after itís done. Cryptopsy, on this their masterpiece, crafted songs that were brutally heavy, uber-technical, dirty, disgusting and yet all stand out on their own. And I can even hear the bass! Thank god too, because itís fucking fantastic. Thereís a reason why people hold this album in such high regard; itís fucking awesome.
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