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Weezer -- Windsor, Ontario -- July 11th, 2013

I had seen Weezer once before circa 2002 at Pine Knob on their tour w/ Sparta, Loudermilk, and Hometown Hero. I LOVED that show, so I made the trip across the river to land of hockey, beer, and Bryan Adams to see Weezer at Ceasar's Casino in Windsor. I pictured this place being a little 2,000 seat theater. I was wrong. This place was HUGE. It was probably 8,000 people, and the place was completely full. Weezer absolutely rocked the house, and the crowd was having a ball. Wow, what a fun show! Normally I'm not a huge fan of that genre of music, but these guys write great songs, and there's a sincerity about them that I love. They're also the coolest nerds in the world! The setlist was fantastic. They opened w/ "My Name Is Jonas" and then basically played all their hits. I would've loved to have heard "Only In Dreams" and "Why Bother," but maybe next time. Before playing "We Are All On Drugs" Rivers talked about taking too much Advil & Tylenol mixed w/ soda pop. hahaha. Before playing "Dope Nose" they announced it was Scott's birthday, and he sang that song. Normally I am not a fan of "Beverly Hills," but that was one of the highlights of the show... just a great live song! I went to concerts 6 days in a row (Killswitch Engage, 311, Megadeth, DMB, Sevendust, and Weezer), and I can honestly say that this show (surprisingly for me) was the best of the bunch.

Weezer setlist
My Name Is Jonas
Hash Pipe
El Scorcho
We Are All on Drugs
Perfect Situation
Dope Nose (w/ Scott on vocals)
Surf Wax America
Island in the Sun
Beverly Hills
Keep Fishin' (w/ Brian on vocals)
Say It Ain't So
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
Pork and Beans
Buddy Holly
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Undone (The Sweater Song)
1/11 ABR
1/24 np
2/18 Silent Planet
2/23 ATB
3/1 ETID
3/17 BOO
4/1 BYD
4/7 & 8 KsE
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