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Hey guys. Gonna just go ahead and get whoever is interested in the Fantasy league this year in the group. Gonna extend the invite to people who were in last year and if there are any openings (I know there will be at least one), I'll open it up for other people.

(Hell, if people are interested, I'd be open to running another league if enough people are interested. Or someone else can run it, use a different site, wtfever)

So if you were in the league last year (I never keep track of which Yahoo screen name correlates to which username on here) go ahead and post in here and let me know.


Me (Team Manky)
My friend Danny (DocBrown)
My friend Erik (Blind NiL)
dcmetal108 (The Statutory Apes)
TonyD (?)
300% (flacco seagulls)

(no more irl friends from me, the rest will me MS d00ds)
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