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I have followed Napalm Death on and off (mostly off in the mid to late '90s) since the beginning and your rundown makes me feel really old. I agree with most of your assessments except I think Harmony Corruption is better than you think it is. I would also include the videos in your reviews, to my knowledge there is the Live Corruption VHS (later released with an additional 1989 concert as a DVD) and the Punishment in Capitals DVD. Both are great.

The Live Corruption VHS came out in the summer of 1990 before any of their albums came out in the U.S. and had lots of songs (including You Suffer) that weren't on the CD that you list here. I bought it when a friend of mine who had imports of the first two albums said I just had to get it so I did and I listen to it still to this day. I recorded the VHS audio to a tape just so I could, it is still one of my favorite live albums ever.

And just to make you jealous Adam, I will mention that I first saw Napalm Death live in 2006 on the Smear Campaign tour when they played a lot of the album including Sink Fast, Let Go and Puritanical Punishment Beating. Unfortunately they didn't sound so good when I saw them last year and that seemed to be a common assessment then. They still definitely don't get the credit or attendance they deserve.
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