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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
With a band like Clutch I don't know if I would go say their sets are getting stale, when the sets are so different I don't know how they could be stale. Its basically a luck of the draw. Granted since ER came out its a bit much playing all of your new album at a show. But even at that they haven't been doing that every night since it came out.

I don't think there's such thing as a predictable encore (especially comparing to Megadeth). I've been to shows where Mob isn't played or its been the opening song. EW/1ED does need a break. Out of the 10 or so times ive seen them since that came out its probably only not been played once.

Dont think Megadeth could function now if they opened w/ Peace Sells or Holy Wars (yes I know they used to do that years back).
Yes and no. Every set on this European tour has basically been the same songs in a different order. One or two songs change, but that's about it. And as soon as they didn't play Mob in the first four tracks, I wrote down the encore.

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