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The Scarecrow:
The Scarecrow
Twisted Mind
Shelter From The Rain
Lost In Space
Another Angel Down
The Toy Master
Devil In The Belfry
I Don't Believe In Your Love
Cry Just A Little
Carry Me Over
What Kind of Love

The Wicked Symphony:
The Wicked Symphony
Forever Is A Long Time
Blizzard On A Broken Mirror
Runaway Train
The Edge
Dying For An Angel
Scales of Justice
Black Wings
States of Matter

Angel of Babylon:
Promised Land
Journey to Arcadia
Your Love Is Evil
Death Is Just A Feeling
Angel of Babylon
Rat Race
Down In The Dark
Alone I Remember
Blowing Out The Flame
Symphony of Life

The Mystery of Time:
What's Left of Me
The Great Mystery
Savior In The Clockwork
Where Clock Hands Freeze
Dwellar In A Dream
Black Orchid
The Watchmaker's Dream
Invoke The Machine

The Mystery of Time is probably the hardest of those to rank. Any of the top 5 songs could easily have been #1.
10/10 - Sabaton/Amon Amarth (?)
10/17 - Satan
10/18 - King Diamond
11/7 - Artillery/Onslaught
11/27 - DTA/Obituary/Massacre
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