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Movie about Chris Benoit to be made:

"Liev Schreiber will play Chris Benoit in the film about the Benoit double murder-suicide. MoviePilot reports that Schreiber (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) will portray the infamous wrestler in Crossface, written by Sarah Coulter. Schreiber was previously reported to be in early talks for the role.

SRG is producing the film, which will cover Benoit's life from his time training with the Hart family through his career, including the murder of his son and wife followed immediately by his suicide.

Coulter has previously said that the film will go inside the mind of Benoit from the start of his drug abuse after the death of Eddie Guerrero on forward. Several WWE stars including Triple H and Vince McMahon will be portrayed in the film"

Interesting to say the least.
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