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Enslaved Ė Isa (2004)

I always hop back and forth on what my favorite Enslaved album is; this or Ruun. Iím pretty sure itís Ruun but damn this album is right at its heels. What separates the two is Ruun was very organic and singular song driven where as this is very spacey and taken better as a whole. I remember buying it after I saw the video for Isa. I didnít even care for the song (even today I think itís one of the weaker songs) but I bought the album anyway. Damn, was I glad I did. I think I was in Intermediate Trade School at the time and was stressing out big-time. This album helped me relax. I got Ruun shortly afterwards and the one-two punch of such great albums made me think Enslaved may be the best band in the world. Unfortunately Iím not too high on their other albums (save a song here and there) and I rank this and Ruun light-years ahead of anything else theyíve put out. I can remember Revolver magazine even gave this album five out of five, in an article that was probably bookended by literary wisdom of Vinnie Paul talking about pussy and Christina Scabbatia talking about her pussy. I'm thankful to have seen them on the Ruun tour twice and saw them play most of this album live. Today, you'll hear the title track and that's it. So bad that such a great album has been lost to time.
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