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Amon Amarth Ė With Oden On Our Side (2006)

Amon Amarth is one of those bands that any album is interchangeable. They are the AC/DC of death metal. What I mean, basically, is every album is the same. If you like one there is no reason why you wouldnít like the others. Thereís nothing wrong with that. Consistency is good and sometimes you need something you can rely on. And you can rely on the fact that an album by Amon Amarth will have forty minutes of solid metal. Great melodies: check. Catchy songs: check. Epic stories about Vikings: check. You always remember your ďfirstĒ. Your first girl, your first car and your first album by a certain band. This was my first Amon Amarth album so it holds fond memories for me. I keep telling a story about the time in my life that was winter 2006/2007, playing Final Fantasy XII and the music I was listening to at the time and how much it helped me. Well, this is another album I got at that time. I can say itís better than Vs. the World or Twilight of the Thundergod but if I had heard those albums first they may have taken this spot on the list. I donít understand why though that if they play any songs off this album live now itís usually the three worst songs off it (Asator, Runes to My Memory and the Cry of the Blackbirds). Just listen to Amon Amarth because itís always quality music.
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