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Those are some great sets!! Even though Chicago 13 wasn't a great album, Street Player is a great song and on the album that song actually featured the great Maynard Ferguson on trumpet. Nice to see that song included again.

And Cetera left after Chicago 17 (Hard Habit To Break, Stay The Night, You're The Inspiration. I don't really care that he's not in the band anymore. I've loved this band for a very long time (I have CTA - 17 on album and many others on CD)... the first 2 albums are treasures but as Pete got to be more popular, he led the band in the sappy pop direction. Then once they crawled back from the crap with a really decent song in Hard To Say I'm Sorry/Get Away, he writes a couple more songs with David Foster and then leaves. RANT OVER - sorry about that.

As an aside, did you know that the bass player/singer now, Jason Scheff is the son of Jerry Scheff who played bass with Elvis from 1969 until his death in 1977?
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