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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Seems like a lot of Megadeth shows from their past several tours have not sold well.
This was talked about in the official Gigantour thread and I mentioned it's because Megadeth just tours too damn much. If you miss them this time, no big deal because you can just catch them when they come around again next year which is very likely. They need to take a break for a bit and then return so interest will be there again. It happens with just about every popular band who takes some extended time off. The fans willingness to see them is usually very high after a long layoff. Except for the RIP and CTE anniversary sets, Megadeth isn't giving the fans much of a reason to see them. They certainly aren't gaining enough interest to be getting booked in amphitheaters that fit 15,000 like they are on this tour. Even during the original RIP and CTE tours i'm not even sure they sold out venues that big.

Having BLS as the co-headliner is a problem to. They're in the same boat as Megadeth where they've just toured too damn much in recent years and the interest just isn't big enough for fans to see them right now.
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