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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Why has WWE stopped using pyro for the entrance?
I would imagine that money plays a big part in it as well as all those instances people posted.

The pyro had its time in the Attitude era but maybe it's just run its course. And if you're talking about individual wrestlers, who is pyro-worthy these days? Maybe Jericho and Kane? Maybe Ziggler? But who else really has a character that benefits from pyro, or a character that warrents it. Maybe Justin Gabriels chracters warrents it, but would you want to spend the money on pyro for a lower mid-card guy?

No, I think the days of pyro have just come and gone. I'll always have very fond memories of those two "rockets" heading for the entrance ramp at the beginning of every Raw. But things change.
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