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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Who from where?
The poster Detuned is a ghostwriter (aka posting news stories under the 'Wookubus' name) to webmaster Wookubus. He denies it. Too bad he forgot a few years ago when he was known as Tom on the PRP forums that he gave me his twitter account along with admitting he was a ghostwriter for that site on their now defunct forums. He came here and posted exclusive news stories with as the source all the while playing off like he doesn't have a thing to do with that site. Hence me posting the photo of his twitter account above where he tweets about being a Wookubus's ghost writer. It's funny for him to deny something like that lol. ThePRP is actually a good site for the news they cover, although much of the music they cover I am not a fan of. After coming here and acting like a jerk to a few of the regular posters (they can reveal their identity if they wish), a few others, along with myself, would take a few jabs at thePRP and like clockwork he would fire back at us over that or something else in various threads on this site. And about every other 'source' of his is from thePRP. Nothing wrong with that but don't act like you aren't affiliated with it when you are and especially after you leave proof of it for the world to see on your twitter account. People may not like me or care for what I post, but at least they know it's me and not some fake acting poster here only to get hits for their site. This is why I rarely post and leave a source for myself but it's funny that the one time I've done it in a long while I get called out for it when someone else has been doing it in a deceivingly fake and misleading manner.
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