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Hallows Eve - Death & Insanity - August 31, 1986

Hallows Eve's first album was a bit of an up-and-down affair, lacking focus and direction. Their second release is not a whole lot different, but it's definitely an improvement on the first. Hallows Eve are not the most violent band, nor are they the most technical but they certainly are fun. They play thrash with a bit of an Iron Maiden flavour, epic and grandiose, which isn't a bad thing, but given what else is out there at this point, Death & Insanity just isn't all that impressive. "Goblet of Gore" is a fine song though, as is "D.I.E" and even "Lethal Tendencies" is enjoyable if not a bit repetitive. At any rate, this is a decent album, probably for fans of the genre only.

Standouts: Goblet of Gore, D.I.E., Lethal Tendencies

Score: 7/10
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