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Originally Posted by markrz View Post
I applaud your choice and envy your ability to see a Slough Feg show. As far as I am aware, they've never played the east coast (or at least not in the past decade). If another one of those Alehorn shows in the mid-west goes off, I might make a serious effort to get there.
I could have sworn they've done some east coast shows before, but those were probably years and years ago. Mike told me that they often get really awful turnouts when they play outside of home, so I can see why they'd be reluctant to make the trek out. Not to mention all the guys have day jobs to worry about.

Yeah, I'm a lucky dude to get Slough Feg shows a few times a year but I probably won't be able to see most of them until I'm 21 haha. I got lucky this time, I don't expect for me to be able to get in to another show of theirs for a while. A Feg show is a great time though, and when they do play away from home to a good crowd they play epic sets.
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