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Slough Feg -- Oakland, CA -- July 5th, 2013

Decided to not go see Intronaut. "Why?" you may ask. So I could experience a night of good times and true fucking metal, that's why.

Began the day with doing house chores with my dad. Epoxying the garage floor is METAL \m/. I then took off for Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland expecting the night to go south, for you see Eli's is a bar, and I am but a wee lad at the age of 20. I met up with my new pals in Midnight Chaser, and we loaded their gear in. I then just kind of hung around and no one gave me any trouble. And thus, I successfully snuck into a bar for the first time!

Chaser was up first, and kicked a ton of butt as I knew they would. Badass NWOBHM riffs with a beefy, modern guitar tone. It doesn't get more awesome than that.

1. Swords for Hire
2. Juicer
3. White Denim
4. Too Wild to Tame
5. Cry Wolf (Savage cover)
6. Rollin'
7. Down for Whatever
8. Mother Mary (UFO cover)
9. Lions Choice

Met up and chatted with a few friends around this time. I heard a lot of "how the fuck did you get in?" throughout the night haha. Next was Spellcaster, a newish power/thrash band from Portland, OR. They tore shit up. Really thrashy, but with hella melodic vocals. Can't wait to see them again.

1. Silent Storms
2. Night of the Hell Beast
3. Eyes of Black
4. Bound
5. Locked On
6. Voyage
7. The Crystal Calls

Last up was Feg. I had just been talking with them a week or so ago about how bummed I was that I wasn't going to be able to attend this show because it was at a bar, so you can imagine their surprise at seeing me there. Drummer Harry was a delight to chat with as always, the guy knows his metal like no other. Bassist Adrian was in such cheery spirits as is his wont, and even gave me shit for buying a Feg CD at the merch booth when he would have given me one for free! The guys played a fantastic 70 minute set, tons of laughs, great riffs, badass solos and an all around good time. Mike Scalzi can take any stage in the world and make it his playground. Scalzi is the only man who can spend five minutes setting up a joke, having the punch-line be a horrible pun ("I left my harp in San Francisco!"), and still be captivating as fuck. Also got to see a couple of the new songs played live- it was cool to hear them with vocals since I've only heard their instrumental studio versions so far. Also Death Machine fucks all the couches.

1. High Season II
2. Magic Hooligan (new song)
3. The 95 Thesis
4. Eumaeus the Swineherd
5. Ape Uprising
Storytime with Dr. Mike Scalzi
6. Death Machine
7. Lycanthropic Fantasies
8. Baltech's Lament
9. The Final Gambit > Diamonds and Rust > The Final Gambit
10. Hiberno-Latin Invasion
11. Laser Enforcer (new song)

Said my goodbyes to everyone, gave our local true metal drunkman a lift home and then drove back. A great night by any measure! Now I can officially say I've attended my first 21+ show. As a minor. Fuck and yeah.
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