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I'm so glad Amon Amarth, Bodom, Dark Tranquillity, Hypocrisy, My Dying Bride, Burzum, Amorphis, and Soilwork are still making amazing music here in 2013. It feels great to say that, I've "been with" most of these bands when they used to sell like 6 copies in the U.S. and live shows were just an impossible dream.

I remember Amon Amarth being advertised to play at Lamour in Brooklyn somewhere around 2001-2002 but they wouldn't go on until 4am or something. It was like $10 and I don't think they showed up because of Visa problems...something like that.

I literally remember listening to COB's Hatebreeder/Tokyo Warhearts (the original Japanese box set which cost like $100) in a basement thinking "this is never going to get big". I had access to Soundscan at the time and Hatebreeder sold something ridiculous like 500 copies total. 2003 is really when things started to change...COB/Hypocrisy/Dimmu U.S. tour right before Christmas really opened things up for the scene and things would never be the same, now it's as popular as anything.

Glad they are doing well, all of these bands.
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