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Couple of updates.

So yeah, very possibly the best Mule show I've ever seen. Much better than last year's Independence Day show at the same venue, and they played my favourite song that night! (Banks of The Deep End).

Matt Abts was incredible during the first set (while Danny Louis was so surplus to requirements because they play so many songs written as a three-piece, that he just needlessly stomped all over them), and in the second set Larger Than Life and the two closers with guests were just HOLY FUCK.

Joe McGlohon's sax solo on Breaking Up Somebody's Home was amazing, and the Rockin' In The Free World encore (with a verse of Masters of War by Bob Dylan as an intro) was just incredibly. And SO heavy.

The two new songs were pretty good, but not the best.

Can't wait to get the recording in a day or two.

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