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Originally Posted by Alduin View Post
borrowed my nephews wii, so im on a zelda binge,gonna beat all of them in no paticular order, also played thru super metroid for the first time, was fuckin awesome
Super Metroid is in the top five Super Nintendo games. Only topped by Final Fantasy's IV and VI and Chrono Trigger. So, I guess it's number four. Everything about that game was perfect.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
JAYZUS. I have only played Lego Star Wars a few times with my little brother, been meaning to buy my own copy, and I cannot imagine how difficult that one was. Especially with all 6 movies
I remember that Lego Star Wars being a lot harder than the later one: Lego Star Wars III: the Clone Wars. It was the first of the "Lego" games, from what I remember. The controls weren't as good and the later Lego Star Wars did a lot to "help you out" on getting your way to a higher percentage. Content-wise it was phenominal though. Can't speak on how it stacks up against the Lego Batman.
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