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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
Forgot to post this.

Usual Tesla goodness. These guys play at the same venue every year and they keep packing the house. I truly believe that Frank Hannon is one of the most severely overlooked & underrated guitar players in any genre of music.

Even better news for Tesla fans: We will be getting a new album next year! Their first one since 2008 and they gave a preview of it at this show. Can't wait. Love just about everything these guys have done.

1. I Wanna Live
2. Hang Tough
3. Taste My Pain (new song)
4. Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
5. Mama's Fool
6. Cumin' Atcha Live
7. Truckin' (Grateful Dead cover)
8. Into The Now
9. Paradise
10. Signs
11. The Way It Is
12. What You Give
13. Summer's Day (first time live since 2009)
14. Love Song
15. Lazy Days, Crazy Nights
16. Modern Day Cowboy

17. Gettin' Better
18. Little Suzi
Pretty sweet set, but of course "Love Me" and "Rock Me To The Top" still

Anyway glad to here a new record will be coming out, definitely will have to check it.
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