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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
Yessir I am. I believe Maiden33 is going from Pennsylvania, and I read on the Avantasia forums that some guy is going from Seattle. I know another guy coming from Toronto as well. This thing is going to draw pretty well I'd imagine.
Honestly, I really don't know what will be the draw. I mean, you gotta count on the "festival" attraction with the cheap 11-day ticket ($78), where loads of people who usually don't attend gigs do. I'd say for a "normal" show, Avantasia would draw no more than 300-400 in Quebec City, about the same as a band like Hammerfall do. But Hammerfall played the festival a few years ago, on the very same stage where Avantasia will play, and it was close to be sold-out (5,000 crowd). So, maybe Avantasia can be close to sell-out the place as well. Let's hope so. Voivod should draw some people in as well, even though it's a weird fit.

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