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Holy Grail -- Baltimore, MD -- July 1st, 2013

Full review w/ ok pix

Saw Holy Grail with a couple locals (Area 52, Strong Intention). About 50 people were at this show- not a bad turnout for a damn Monday show. (Lillian Axe had about the same amount of people for a Friday show...)

Area 52 was not very good, kind of like a beginner's Arsis.
Strong Intention was good if you like hardcore/thrashy/punky. I thought they had great energy, but I couldn't differentiate their songs. Entertaining!

Holy Grail played about an hour- a short set, but for $10, not bad. The sound system SUCKED, and hindered the enjoyment a bit. Overall they played a very good setlist (including a fantastic Rainbow cover \m/), and though the sound paled in comparison to the time they opened for Anthrax at the Fillmore, Silver Spring.

The mix was going in and out- so some songs sounded clearer than others. This place clearly doesn't host many heavy shows. Other than that a very good show!

  • Bleeding Stone
  • Crosswinds
  • Chase the Wind
  • Ride the Void
  • Too Decayed to Wait
  • Call of Valhalla
  • Dark Passenger
  • Crisis in Utopia
  • Rains of Sorrow
  • My Last Attack
  • Kill the King (Rainbow cover)
  • Fight to Kill
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