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Vektor - Black Future
Progressive Thrash

I actually discovered this album while lurking the demonic corridors of Metalsetlists. THANK YOU! Not much can be said that has not already been, Numerous human entities claim it is the best thrash in the past few decades. I am wholeheartedly torn. Half the time I agree, the other part I think it is overrated but I think it is always a damn fantastic album, and will always remain one of the reigning tyrants of modern thrash. Vektor shoves more tasteful riffage into each of their songs than Scarface inhales boatloads of crack. "Hunger for Violence" has some goddamn tasty riffs. The only thing that may off put human entities from enjoying the pure, unadulterated riffing sex that is Black Future would be the vocals, alas my love for riffs and tolerance for the vast majority of vocal types I remain unaffected.
Oh My God Riffs.
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