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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Yup, I pretty much agree with you on all your points. I hate almost every character on the show. I know I'm supposed to hate them but I'm not even rooting for anyone; save that Onion Knight guy, Arya, the Hound, Samwise and Hodor. Like when Catherine got hr throat slashed I was like, "yup".

Of all the characters this season I think I had the biggest hate-on for that girl who's marrying Geoffery. I know she's just playing him, but she's just such a moron.

It's building to a lot with the White Walkers and the dragon girl (who is looking like she will kick some ass) but I have a bad feeling it will be disappointing in the end.

And the nudity and sex is something I'm getting tired of. No girls back then were built like that, no way. It's almost like the author is living out all his fantasies in one fell swoop. But damn, Robb Starks wife had a great ass.

I watched it more out of duty. Doing it in one sitting wasn't a very good idea. The anticipation for the next episode was gone because it was coming right up. And the anticipation for next season was lost because I was exhausted.
As a reader of the books I agree with you the story is not translating well onto a TV format. While the first book had a limited cast of characters who were all relatively grouped together, every book after the characters and their stories become more and more separate and spread out. To be honest I have no idea how they are going to even do the show from Season 5 onward. I think it would be best if they completely gave up trying to follow the books.

Its too bad though because while reading the books you get such good insight into all the characters it really makes you want to root for all of them. They are unique and interested, some of my favorite characters are the "bad" guys like Jaime Lannister, Littlefinger, Roose Bolton, Stannis, etc. On the show they dont have nearly enough time to develop these characters fully.

And while the books have some sex and nudity, its HBO who is putting a tits and ass quota in every episode. The book is not nearly this filled with pointless sex. For example the scene with Rob Stark and his wife's ass was completely made up.

BUT the 4th season will be sick, provided they don't completely change the source material.
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