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Aphex Twin – Drukqs (2002)

Aphex Twin is quite the hard pill to swallow. I don’t really consider Aphex Twin techno, electronica, dance or whatever. They (he) encompassed elements of those styles but put it all together to create a sound that was just…Aphex Twin. I usually refer to this music as “broken computer music”. Think of your computer wigging out, sparks flying out of it, weird images coming out of the screen and smoke coming from the back. Aphex Twin is the soundtrack to that visual. On this album he added a lot of piano interludes that gave you some time to breath after the chaos. And some of them are actually beautiful. So of them though, could be considered filler. If he had trimmed a bit of the fat and made it one disc it would have been top twenty material. As it is it's just incredible, and the amount of work that went into creating it is astonishing. Disc One is far superior to Disk Two.
Favorite Song (Disc One): Jynweythek Ylow
Favorite Song (Disc Two): Beskhu3epnm
Both of those are piano interludes, so here’s my favorite “dance song” off the album: Vordhosbn

And if you've never heard of Aphex Twin you should probably watch this. I wouldn't be posting it if it wasn't another one of the greatest music videos of all-time.
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