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Black Fag -- Fullerton, CA -- June 30th, 2013

Source: me
Venue: Slidebar

I randomly decided to check out Black Fag for free tonight. They are the absolutely fabulous tribute to the worlds bitchiest band. They play Black Flag songs and make a gay twist on it that is hysterical. The set times said they started at 1030, so I was drinking at the bar until 1025 and went in and they were already on, but I only missed the first song. They played an awesome set and there was a really good crowd. My favorite part was the singer(Jeff Penalty) said there was a special guest in the crowd. He said Kieth Morris was there and was going to sing a song with them. One of the gay dancers for the band came up with fake dreds, glasses and and OFF! shirt and was singing I Don't Care. Halfway through the song, the other dancer came on stage wearing a Hello Kitty beanie and a toy cat, claiming to be Greg Ginn. They then proceeded to play an awesome song that pretty much made fun of FLAG and Black Flag for doing their summer tour. I really hope someone filmed it cause it was epic. If you can see these guys, do it! So funny.

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