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Lil B 'The Based God' -- Brooklyn, NY -- June 29th, 2013

Last night I finally got to see Lil B live and I was not disappointed in the slightest, in fact, the performance was even greater than I thought it would be.

I got to the venue a little early and Bitch Mob was already lined up down the block. Tons of people were sporting pink bandannas and some even had chef hats. Upon getting in I went to check out merch. The only merch available was a black "Thank You Based God" shirt which I purchased and they also had cds of 6 Kiss and I'm Thraxxx (2 of Lil B's earlier releases). The first opener was a DJ set from small time producer Keyboard Kid who has produced for Lil B in the past. He played some his instrumentals which were kind of like trap but more laid back. The crowd seemed to be fine with it but not many seemed to be really into it. He dropped some Flocka at the end of his set which got people going for a bit. Immediately after Keyboard Kid's set was done, Clams Casino came out with his hype man and launched into his set. For those who don't know, Clams Casino is a hip hop producer who has produced for Lil B as well as other big name rappers like A$AP Rocky and MF DOOM. He kinda pioneered the whole 'cloud rap' sub-genre. He played a couple of instrumentals as well as a some A$AP Rocky and Young L.

Shortly after Clam closed his set it was time for the Based God to take the stage and everybody pushed forward. Lil B walked out wearing a white shirt, swim trunks, and a bucket hat and launched right into the crowd favorite, Ellen Degeneres. At this point the crowd was jumping around and cooking with such intensity that it almost felt like a mosh pit. There's was even a circle opened up in the middle of the crowd where people would go in and cook. The setlist was absolutely incredible. I expected the staples like Ellen Degeneres, Like a Martian, and Wonton Soup plus a lot of newer songs but the set was full of surprises. Tiny Pants Bitch was a real treat and I lost my shit when he played Connected in Jail. I was also stoked to hear CNBFTBGB but he kinda half assed that one, most of the song just played over the PA and he didn't really do anything. Other highlights included a very rare sing along during Eat and the very raw and positive based freestyle. During I'm God, Clams Casino came out jumped around and interacted with the crowd. Lil B closed this very positive and emotional night with the very positive and emotional I Love You. At the end of his set the Based God stepped down into the crowd to take pictures and sign things for everybody. I would have loved to get a picture with him but I was on the opposite side and I would had to wait over an hour. If Lil B comes to your area for a rare live performance you must go, it was a life changing experience. #TYBG

The setlist is out of order and missing a couple songs but this is most of what was played.

Ellen Degeneres
Like a Martian
Tiny Pants Bitch
Flex 36
Connected in Jail
Suck My Dick Hoe
Woo Woo Swag
Please Respect The Bitch
Cant See B
Bitch Mob Anthem
I Own Swag
Real Person Music
Pretty Boy
Wonton Soup
[based freestyle]
I'm God
I Love You
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