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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Well I'm saying that because of the intensity of their music. They might be able to do a 90-105 minute set here or there but there's no way in hell they could do more than 75 minutes night after night the way that they tour.

The nature of the internet gets us thinking in terms of black and white. It's great that Rush does 2 sets a night and that "back in the day" Zeppelin or GnR could do 3 hour sets. But that's 2-3 hours of ebb and flow, light and shade, Welcome to the Jungle and Patience. Not 2-3 hours of PERMAGLAZE REFLECTS THIS WORLD DISTANT TO THE THAWED LIFE, FROST CLAN BLOWS THE WAR HORN WITHOUT A FEAR OR GUISE.
My counterargument to that is High On Fire does have light and shade. And they've had it as far back as 2007 with the title track of Death is This Communion. From then on they've added more shade with Bastard Samurai, King of Days and Warhorn. Hell they've had the occasional doomier moments going back to Art of Self-Defense, if anything its the faster songs that are the odd ones out of High On Fire's catalogue.

By the way, I iTunes-time-calculated that set and it comes out to 1:43:57. Factor in the breaks between songs, re-fueling by water/beer/smoothie and the occasional stage rap and that's what...112-115 minutes?
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