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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
>living in Redding
>skipping an opportunity to go to a major metal show

Who is this guy?
I'd usually agree with you, but:

1. I already saw Mastodon twice on the Hunter tour: 11/3/11 @ The Warfield, and 4/27/12 @ The Fox

2. I don't really care about any of the other bands

The worst thing about moving is the lack of live music here. Since moving to Redding I have been to Scorpions/Tesla at the Shoreline, Neurosis at the Fox, and BTBAM at the Warfield. Gas is expensive so you have to pick your spots, and it's almost impossible to make it down for anything during the week. As of now my next show is BTBAM 10/1 in Sacramento.There's a bunch of shows in the next few weeks I want to go to (Intronaut, The Sword, Palms, Summer Slaughter).
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