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High on Fire -- Oakland, CA -- June 27th, 2013

The only way to really experience High on Fire is up close and dangerous. I'd never been to The Uptown before last night but it's split longways into a bar and a venue, which made it seem all the more hot and stuffy. The line of the night was Pike saying, "holy shit it's hot in here, somebody call the hotline".
I've been spoiled to see these guys about 10 times now, but this show was a standout along with the pre-Snakes tour in Sacramento. 9/10

Serums Of Liao
Frost Hammer (always solid)
10,000 Years
Fertile Green
Rumors of War
Fury Whip
Madness of an Architect
Snakes for the Divine
12/31 Lil B?
2/21 At the Gates
9/15 Black Sabbath

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