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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Julz has never been really happy with Awaiting Evil in really any way. Even back when the album came out, he wasn't exactly super enthusiastic about it in the press. I'd be amazed if Hatchet ever play anything from Awaiting Evil ever again. I guess I'm lucky in that regard, I've seen Frozen Hell, Awaiting Evil, and Attack Imminent a bajillion times and I'm pretty sure I've seen Morlocks Tomb once.
That's too bad, because a lot of those songs are great.

As for Bonded, I think they were looking to play some deeper cuts to make the longtime fans happy. Most people have heard Immortal Life a few times now and I'm really sure I saw them play Feed the Beast with Death Angel a couple years back. Did they ever play Prototype Death Machine live?
That's a fair point. I guess most people from around there have probably seen them quite a few times.

As for Prototype Death Machine, I assumed it was played live, because I think they shot a video for it.
2/9 - Spellcaster (?)
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